The link between the real world and the digital world.

Robotics get things moving.

Something’s moving here: robotics links the real world to the digital world. Production processes are optimised, concepts graphically validated. In robotics, planning and construction are given their “final touch”.

The goal of robotics is to allow production lines to reach their planned performance data in a speedy and direct manner. The better the virtual verification, the quicker the start of real operations. Which is why we avoid interfaces and take care of solving potential problems while in the virtual world.


Graphic 3D validation for complex process sequences.

Our clients may have widely varied needs, but they all have one thing in common: they certainly appreciate a production start-up free of unpleasant surprises.

The use of 3D-simulation systems gives us the ability, even early on in the planning stages, to ensure that the efficient use of industrial robots and manufacturing resources is optimally realised: we validate all our constructions and processes.

Profound expertise and years of experience.


No detours between you an your goal.

In order to present complex process flows clearly and realistically, we use geometry simulation.

Long before designing the necessary manufacturing resources, we assess the various stages of developing a new production plant via geometry simulation. The structural condition of the production halls plays a major role in this, for we create custom-fit solutions for the arrangement of the machinery and the integration of the robots.

Even for non-automated activities, 3D-simulation can be used to test the safeguarding of tools, the accessibility of welding facilities and all other processes. In this way, we optimise the ergonomic design of the “man-machine” interface.

Complex process sequences shown in a clear and realistic manner.

Even if it is not an automated activity, the 3D simulation can be used to secure tools, accessibility of the welding systems and all other processes.

This is how we optimize the ergonomic design of the “man-machine” interface.

Our service in detail
  • Accessibility evaluation
  • Concept validation
  • Operating distance evaluation
  • Interfering edge evaluation
  • Construction verification
  • Determination of the geometry of robot tools
  • Ergonomic layout
  • Optimisation of planning project
  • Definition of production process
  • Layout validation
  • Process development reduction
  • Digital mock-up (assembly trials)


OLP for an efficient production start-up.

We know what our clients want: a quick production start-up. This requires the most efficient use of all committed resources. With cycle time production as the benchmark.

The wide range of required cycle times and the variety of products in the production lines constantly present our robotics specialists with new challenges.

Our service in detail
  • Creation of railway applications
  • Precise and efficient robot programming
  • Increased production precision
  • Reduced commission times
  • Sequence of Operation
  • Optimised motion paths
  • Determination of cycle times


The launch of modern robot technology – the commissioning.

The delivery of the finished robot programs isn’t the end of our service, but rather the prelude to the grand finale: the commissioning.

The transition from the virtual to the real world runs the risk of time and information loss.

In order to avoid this interface, our highly qualified robotics team acts as an important link between engineering and realisation. Our specialists support the entirety of the construction site until every last wheel turns perfectly.

Special applications according to client specifications.

Our specialists, who are involved in the production and implementation process, look after calibration, test the functioning and locking mechanisms and complete all programs online, such as, for instance, with regard to gluing applications.

Highly qualified specialists on site.

The performance of our experts includes online programming with robot controls by KUKA and ABB as well as experience with the implementation of standard and special applications according to client specifications. They are also in high demand with our clients for their expertise in the optimisation of existing facilities, and output integration or increase.

Our service in detail
  • Construction site supervision, robotics
  • Online programming
  • Facility optimisation
  • Calibration
  • Up-/download of robot programs
  • Recording and analysis of cycle times
  • Bottleneck analysis

We´re all pulling for you.

We don’t just stay by your side and provide our consulting services during the complete duration of the project. We also enable a fast, smooth production start-up while avoiding unnecessary costs upon commissioning.

No detours between you and your goal.

Project management professionally co-ordinated